Event Dog Run

Watch the dogs' incredible performances!
  • Please note that the show schedule may change depending on the season and occasion.
  • The show may also be called off due to weather conditions.

Mouflon / Llama

We have new friends at Fuji Subaru Land!
They are mouflon, a species generally small compared to other wild sheep, and llama, a camel look-alike. We have two male mouflons and three female mouflons, and two male llamas.


Though smaller than most sheep, mouflons have an impressive pair of horns.
They usually live peacefully in flocks.


Llamas like to eat and move slowly. Their faces are so charming.


Canada goose

Goose with black and brown heads and brown feathers that live in North America.
They eat short grass, and make nests made from grass and fluff in small dips around ponds and lakes.

Chinese goose

Type of goose descended from wild swan goose, with ivory-colored body and brown stripe starting from the head and cheek. Some of them are all-white.
The beak is short and thick, with a quacked knob close on the top. The species is known to make loud noises if an unfamiliar person gets too close; some people keep them instead of dogs.

European goose

A type of wild greylag goose brought to and bred in Europe. In general, a European goose has a bigger body than a greylag goose. The beak has small and sharp teeth appropriate for grazing on grass. The goose is also famous for accompanying the protagonist in the story, “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.”

Lava Tree Mold

Lava Tree Molds are forms of dead ancient trees which have been preserved by lava that had congealed around it, forming a mold.
They are considered to be Japanese natural monuments.