Snowmobile Test Driving / Snow Play Experience

Snowmobile Test Driving / Snow Play Experience

No driver’s license required! No need to change clothes!
The small size of the vehicle will give you maximum excitement!
Vehicles are equipped with speed-limiters for safety.

The snow play area has sled-riding and snow-tube riding slopes for small children.

500 yen for ride / 5 minutes
Opened during : March 1st to March 10th (changeable)
For older than 6 years old.
Weight requirement : Under 60 kilograms

  • Small children must be accompanied by their guardian.
  • The schedule of the event may change or call off depending on the weather and amount of snow.

Snow Play Area open!

Let's have fun playing with snow at the foot of Mt. Fuji!
Slide down the snow slope on a cute sled or spinning on a tube!

300 yen for sled / 30 minutes
500 yen for tube rental / 20 minutes

  • For older than 4 years old.