Roll Glider -Popporu's Skywalk -

An all-new attraction makes its first appearance in Japan at the foot of Mt. Fuji!
Glide down a 105 meter course from a 5-meter-high tower!

600 yen for ride

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Dog Run Plaza

There are six areas inside the park where guests can play freely with your dogs without leashes.
The spacious field surrounded by greenery provides a fun and unique environment for you and your dogs.


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Bokkuru's Forest 3D maze

The giant, 5-floor-high tree house maze is composed of around 290 wooden blocks. guests can explore with your dogs to reach the goal.

600 yen for entrance fee

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Nature Experience Base Acorn course

A facility that takes guests from one tree to another to experience nature up close. Feel as if you are on a small adventure! The facility can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

500 yen for play / 30 minutes

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Spinning Forest Adventure

An all-new attraction “Spinning Forest Adventure” has opened! A gigantic maze filled with solving riddles, stamp rally, card battles and more entertainment for children.

500 yen for entrance fee

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Big Block Land

An area with numerous styrofoam blocks shaped into various forms that can be stacked upon each other like wooden blocks.

300 yen for play / 15 minutes

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Fujinosuke's Buggy Land

A super popular attraction for everybody!

700 yen for 2 laps

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Snowmobile Test Driving

No driver’s license required! No need to change clothes!

500 yen for ride / 5 minutes

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SL Forest Railway

The train cheerfully runs through the forest with its whistle.

400 yen for ride

Jumbo Slide

Slide down an artificial grass slope on a sled. Two courses with different rollings available.

500 yen for play

Putting Area

18 hole putting area for both adults and children.
Aim to become a pro golfer one day!

500 yen for play

The Mysterious Hall

A maze riddled with mirrors and various optical illusions

300 yen for entrance fee

Herb Plaza

Sand, "Halli Galli" and play equipments available.


3D Virtual Theater

Experience dinosaurs pop out of the screen and huge volcanos erupt in the theater!

200 yen for entrance fee / 3

Athletic Area

The area has 20 obstacles such as jumping over logs, and climbing on ropes.
They all require a bit of stamina, but children can enjoy them safely.


Paddle Boats

There are boats for both children and adults.
Summer season only.

400 yen for play / 10 minutes